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NOKIA HARDWARE OVERVIEW. usage HW Blocks NOKIA RF Part NOKIA RF/BB Interface Optimized for low pin count to aid integration of the BB functionality...All our products are complemented with world-class quality and support.We are eager to develop memory devices that will take advantage of the extreme performance and low pin count of the.

The Low Pin Count USB Development Kit provides an easy, low-cost way to evaluate the functionality of Microchip PIC16F1459 (or other PIC16F145x) 14 and 20 pin USB microcontrollers.

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Air-cooled, low pin-count test solution or test program development,.

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IEEE Std 1149.1-2001 standard test access port and boundary-scan architecture is widely used as a debug interface, providing a path for a.Low Pin-Count Interface HD video and digital audio is enabled via a low pin-count interface while at the same time providing control and power which allows mobile devices to maintain their small form factor and keep implementation costs low.

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Parallel NOR Flash offers a wide variety of reliable parallel interface products up to 2 Gb density.

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The HyperBus interface draws upon the legacy features of both parallel and serial interface memories, while enhancing system performance, ease of design, and system cost reduction.

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Low-Pin Count (LPC) Interface Specification Revision 1.1

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Macronix Unveils New-Generation Low-Pin-Count OctaBus Memory Subsystem Solution for IoT and Automotive Electronics Markets. interface keeps the low pin count.

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